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Our Philosophy

The intention of the IB Primary Years Programme is to support students’ efforts to construct meaning from the world around them by drawing on their prior knowledge, by providing provocation through new experiences, and by providing time and opportunity for reflection and consolidation. This constructivist approach respects the students’ developing ideas and understandings of the social and natural world; it continually stimulates students’ revision and refinement of their models of how the world works. It implies a pedagogy that is significantly, but not necessarily completely, dependent on students’ inquiry, where he planning incorporates a range of experiences that acknowledges the diversity of students’ prior knowledge. The PYP is designed for students aged 3 to 12. It provides a curriculum framework that encourages students to develop international mindedness through a transdisciplinary approach to teaching and learning.

Our Curriculum

  • Prescribes a curriculum framework of essential elements—knowledge, concepts, skills, attitudes, and action
  • Promotes a particular set of attitudes—appreciation, commitment, confidence, cooperation, creativity, curiosity, empathy, enthusiasm, independence, integrity, respect and tolerance– that
  • Establishes that the learning must be engaging, relevant, challenging and significant and must touch upon themes of global significance
  • Provides opportunities for students to build meaning and refine understanding, principally through structured inquiry
  • Is conceptually driven
  • Is characterized by learning environments that are stimulating and provocative
  • Provides a holistic approach to developing the whole child-social, emotional, physical development

Career-related Facilities

Career-related Facilities



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