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ISTA Performing Arts Academy

ISTA Performing Arts Academy Shanghai

The ISTA Performing Arts Academy Shanghai is based at the Western International School of Shanghai (WISS) and enrolls students aged 10-18 from across Shanghai. It is the only ongoing Academy of the International Schools Theater Association (ISTA) and participants come together to collaborate and combine their talents to create their own work, responding to stimuli that will be thrown at them during different stages of the process. It is an 8 week course that will culminate in two public performances. The programme has four focus areas: drama, music, dance and theater tech. It is run by four ISTA practitioners who are also full-time WISS employees.

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Leading Theater Education

The ISTA Performing Arts Academy Shanghai is the first of its kind and offers students passionate about theater or performance the opportunity to excel, be challenged, collaborate with peers and learn from leaders in the field. The Academy aims to nurture and develop the talents of young people who are passionate in Drama, Dance, Physical Theatre, Music, Theatre Technology and Set Design.

The ISTA Academy has two sessions within the school year and offers a summer programme in June/July.

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